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First introduced in the 1970′s by Pilkington Glass, frameless glass facades have shaped modern architecture for a generation and continue to influence many of the worlds leading designers.

Although extensively engineered, the simple appearance opens up vast possibilities for architects, allowing them to create complete glass envelopes without interruption.

Support structures, located internally or externally, can use glass mullions, a conventional steel construction or a tensile rod and cable system, connected to the glass via stylish bolts fixings and spiders.

Artisan Glass Structures are approved installers of the revolutionary Hansen ThermoSpan system which features the UKs only encapsulated fitting.The system has given architects the freedom to create stunning glass buildings and canopies that feature in many modern cityscapes.

Manufactured entirely from structural toughened glass, our structures are highly durable and secure. Each glass panel is constructed using the latest, thermally efficient glass types which exceed the performance criteria outlined in the latest building control regulations. This ensures that your new environment maintains a pleasant and stable temperature, whatever the conditions outside providing year round enjoyment.