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Residential Glass Extensions

An Artisan Glass Structure provides limitless possibilities for the creation of an extra room or to free up unused space within your property. Gone are the days of trying to find a standard design that will fit your space, our glass structures give you the freedom to use your imagination, to picture the ideal living space and make it a reality.

Each glass structure is individually designed and manufactured to meet your requirements allowing you to make the most of your available space, however large, small or unusually shaped.

Our bespoke glass structures have so many uses, from traditional conservatories to living rooms, kitchen extensions, garden rooms, dining rooms, studios and more.

Our highly skilled team of designers can produce for you a structure that not only looks good but is also manufactured and installed to the highest quality standards.

Manufactured entirely from structural toughened glass, our structures are highly durable and secure. Each glass panel is constructed using the latest, thermally efficient glass types which exceed the performance criteria outlined in the latest building control regulations. This ensures that your new environment maintains a pleasant and stable temperature, whatever the conditions outside providing year round enjoyment.