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Teddington, Middlesex

The owners of this highly impressive Edwardian property wished to explore a number of design solutions which included various styles of pivoting, sliding and folding doors as well as several roof support structures including glass beams and lattice steel trusses.

Following several design team meetings the clients decided upon a hybrid solution which features a large 12 metre clear span roof. The roof units are supported by triple laminate glass beams spanning between exposed lattice steel trusses, whilst the façade incorporates 9 metre wide sliding doors allowing the client to almost completely open up the entire structure.

As part of our remit we provided the full structural design for the glass and steel roof, the façade and doors and also the foundations and structural slab.

Construction began in April 2012 and saw a 200 ton mobile crane used to lift each 500kg roof panel over the 3 storey property. The project was completed in May 2012 just in time for summer!